Name of Project: Sagip Aral
Fighting the war on poverty with education.

Brief Description of the Project:
The objective of the project is to provide scholarship to poor but deserving students from Quinlogan, Quezon in Palawan and in the areas devastated by the super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas Region.

With the provision of financial support to these children, it is hoped that the target beneficiaries will be able to graduate from high school to increase their chances of getting employment that requires a minimum of high school diploma. A high school diploma will also give those who wish to go to college/university or proceed to vocational schools the chance of doing so.

Location of the Project:

1. Quinlogan, Quezon, Palawan
2. Limasawa Island, Leyte
3. Ormoc City
4. Maasin, Southern Leyte

Project Breakdown:

Monthly contribution 10CHF
Number of Months 10
Total amount per year 100 CHF
Total amount in Peso PhP 4,500

Estimated Expenses:

School Projects PhP 1,000.00
PTA Contribution        500.00
School Uniform         1,000.00
School Supplies (bags,notebooks etc)  1,000.00
Shoes                              500.00
Allowance                      500.00

Total Expenses           4,500.00

Sr. Rose Perez
PCM Switzerland Charity Coordinator

Contact Number: +41 76 579 03 58